A Week To Say Sorry

To say last week was heartbreaking would be an understatement. As a business person we want everything to go perfect for the client, to exceed their expectations and delight the customer. Ya....that didn't happen.

On top of my dog going to the groomer that resulted in an emergency trip to the vet, another dog with an ear infection, family troubles and a quick trip to Iowa, and an SD card failure it was a $1000 in the whole week! But my biggest disappointment was that I disappointed a client. And while I would like to say it was their fault or my fault, the truth is it was no ones fault. Ok, well maybe the SD card companies fault. I was blessed to get an Event Gig with Remax to capture their rewards breakfast. I did my normal activities to minimize anything going wrong. Checking both main camera and backup, extra batteries charged, lights and any other equipment working, double check the bag to make sure I had everything, arrive early, check my lighting with a grey card and a color passport...CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!!! Shooting the event I look back at the picture to make sure I got it, and even scroll back to look at pictures in the slow times which tells me they were there. Pack my stuff an go. Great, feeling great, Met some nice agents and feel I did a great job.

Get home and go to cull, edit and excited to create their on line gallery and deliver to them. AHHHHHHH, NO THIS CAN"T BE Happening. The main pictures of the presenting the rewards and pictures of the winner with the rewards are gone, gone. What am I going to to??? In 30 years I have NEVER had the loss of pictures I've shot or lost an SD card, though I've read the anxious comments of other Photographers on Social Media that have and my heart breaks for them. And only once have I had an equipment malfunction (lens needed calibrated and gave me soft images, but it was a senior and I could re-shoot) I immediately contacted Dan Schulte of Re/Max Synergy /Muske Group and explained the situation and that I would try and recover them and even considered the idea I lost or used a card I just didn't remember in the activities. Bless his heart he even looked through trash for me!!

Over the next couple of days I tried everything to recover the files, buying and using recovery software, and paying a professional to recover the files. $250 later and unfortunately they could not recover. Since I looked back at the pictures on my camera, the camera was doing the right thing, so the only thing they can think is that the card overwrote on top of the files or old files that rendered them unable to recover.

I did the only thing I could do. Deliver the pictures of the venue I did have, the headshots I shot of the agents and offered to come back and shoot the people with their award at their convenience even if I had to make a dozen trips to accommodate them. Pleaded with what I could do to make it right, through e-mail and a voice message. I didn't charge them for anything, and not sure what else I can do. It worries me. A large group of realtors out in the community that may be unhappy that will impact my business. It hurts my heart as I never want to disappoint a client.

But, I am reminded that sometimes things are beyond our control. My only consolation is that i remember their comments during the events of their awards for their imperfections. Missed and lost client paperwork for closings, and sales/purchase agreements that reminds me, in business, things will happen that no client will understand and we are all human. And as my dear mother used to say, "This too shall pass".

While I'm waiting for it to pass....all I can be is eternally sorry.